Renewable Energy Development


Sage Stone has provided advisory and services to several clients for projects such as the following:

Firth Tidal Energy Limited
Financing and advisory services for UK ocean power technology company.

Qualibou Inc
Corporate financial advisory for Caribbean geothermal project.

NaiKun Wind  Offshore Wind Farm Developer
400 MW RFP bid assistance, OEM turbine evaluation, and selection of Siemens SWT 3.6 MW WTG as JV partner for project.

Verde Turbo Technologies
Financial advisory for geothermal NCG extraction compressor technology

Confidential EU client
Acquisition of wind farms, and PPA negotiation for a 1000 MW wind farm

Archon Energy
Project development, corporate and project finance of small hydro projects in California

Windstream Energy
Turbine identification and analysis for Offshore Wind Project

Energy Grid Networks
Assistance in project development and financing for smart grid project in Latin America.

Business and strategic planning, Joint Venture, Financial Modeling and Investment Advisory

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