Sage Stone and its wholly-owned subsidiaries EarthWind Energy LLC and Rancho Escondido S.A. are actively developing renewable energy, gas and Co Gen projects across the Americas. Sage Stone development objectives include renewable energy generation such as wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, industrial cogeneration and solar photovoltaic; natural gas, waste-to-energy and bio-fuel projects.

Portfolio includes:

New England PV Solar Projects

Sage Stone has successfully developed and partnered on two solar projects:

E. Bridgewater Solar Project a 2.5 MWp ground-mount fixed tilt solar photovoltaic project development and divestiture. View more >>>
Lepomis Solar Project a 
5.96 MWp ground-mount fixed tilt solar photovoltaic project development and divestiture.
 View more >>>

Central American and the Caribbean

Hydro and Solar

Sage Stone is developing a portfolio of renewable energy projects across Central America and it presently has a Guatemalan portfolio of projects, comprising the following:

  • Hidroelectrica SantAgua – a 15.5 MW intermediate head (75m) ROR hydroelectric project located in the Department of Santa Rosa.
  • Hidroelectrica Rancho Escondido – a 3.3 MW low head (22m) run-of-river (“ROR”) hydroelectric project located on the Candelaria River (“Boca Nueva”) in the department of Alta Verapaz, which project is designated as a Generador Distribuido Renovable (“GDR”) in Guatemala.
  • Energia Solar Chiquimulilla – a 10 MWAC PV Solar facility located adjacent to the Hidroelectrica SantAgua power plant and sharing the same substation, interconnection and transmission line together comprising a hybrid PV Solar/Hydroelectric project with a combined output range of 15 – 25 MW nominal.

High Rates of Return – In Central America the distributed nature and lower installation cost of renewable power projects, coupled with attractive market-clearing pricing from conventional heavy fuel oil (“HFO”) or coal–fired power projects and relatively high cost of electricity from distribution companies DEOCSA and DEORSA, and long-term power purchase agreements with credit-worthy counterparties result in attractive risk-adjusted rates of return often significantly higher than those available in other jurisdictions. The Company has several projects with attractive rates of return identified not only in Guatemala but also throughout Central America, ranging from early development stage to projects that could achieve financial close in 2015.

Joint Ventures

Sage Stone has also participated in the following Joint Ventures:

Pristine Power – Project identification, due diligence and bid preparation for 200 MW peaking facility in the western United States

Lewis & Clark Energy Project  
Development of a CCGT and peaking gas-fired project in southern WA State connecting into the BPA 500 kV system bid into the PSE RFP in a JV with TransCanada Energy.

Bangladesh Power Facility – Bid preparation and due diligence for 400 MW power facility in Bangladesh

Vertalo Energy – Joint Venture to develop Waste to Energy Projects in Latin America

SOMA – Joint Venture to develop Small Hydro Projects in Brazil